A huge amount of the work BWC does is only possible because of the commitment and dedication of dozens of volunteers who offer their time and expertise to support the centre and the women who use it. We are currently recruiting volunteers to be Mentors, and Peer Group Facilitators.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer?

We are looking for responsible, motivated and empathic female volunteers to work with women who access Brighton Women Centre.

Brighton Women’s Centre is recruiting female volunteers to work with women with vulnerabilities including those experiencing mental and emotional distress, trauma, abuse, substance misuse, financial and social exclusion and isolation.  Volunteers need to be accepting, flexible and reflective whilst respecting confidentiality, working within appropriate boundaries and recognising the agency of service users at all times.

We are looking for female volunteers to become:

Facilitators: Facilitators will work in the peer group service providing empathic and practical support. Volunteer facilitators offer information, guidance and signposting to service users as well as holding activity based peer support sessions.

Mentors: Mentors will offer woman-centred one to one support to service users on a regular basis for up to 6 months for women referred through the Peer group service and the Inspire Project – a partnership project working with vulnerable women at all stages of involvement in the Criminal Justice System. Mentors will support their mentee to identify areas of support on which the mentoring relationship will focus and work towards achieving these goals.

What training do volunteers receive?

Volunteers will receive induction training, on-going training and regular supervision from the Volunteer Services Coordinator.