BWC offers a range of personal development activities for all women. The activities can help women improve their emotional wellbeing through the development of self-esteem, confidence, literacy, and skills for life and work.
The activities on offer are always being updated, but past courses have included improving emotional health, aromatherapy, mindfulness stress reduction and self-esteem improvement.

Upcoming Activities

Upcoming activities will be listed here in the future.

BOOST Your Self-Esteem – (There is no BOOST course currently scheduled)

This is a 10-week course for women who have low self esteem The course is run in small groups and is aimed at improving relationships and increasing confidence to access college, work and social activities. This course provides a nurturing environment; guidance through some of the complex issues which affect self-esteem, development of self-help techniques and strategies; and opportunities to share feelings or just listen to those of others.

For more information:

If you would like to contact us for more information on activities, please call our administrator Briar Maxwell on 01273 698036 ext 5 or e-mail