Our Mission: To empower women and children to improve their life chances and lead independent lives by reducing inequalities through the provision of holistic and integrated services.

Why a Women’s Centre?

We Are Family artworkFor every £1 a man earns, a woman receives only 85p, and women make up the majority of low paid and part-time roles. Women take on the majority of the unpaid care in the household, and often find themselves trying to juggle a range of responsibilities without recognition or enough support.

1 in 4 women suffer with mental health difficulties, 1 in 4 experience domestic violence and 1 in 3 sexual violence or abuse. And meanwhile lone parent households, 90% of which are headed by women, account for 70% of all out-of-work households (Reducing Inequalities Review, 2007).

empowering-womenFor a variety of reasons, women often have complex and multiple support needs. Women-specific services such as those provided by Brighton Women’s Centre are absolutely essential to empower women and tackle these inequalities. Our services such as Counselling and Holistic Therapy lead directly to fewer prescriptions of anti depressants, fewer visits to doctors and fewer interventions through social services.

By improving women’s employment opportunities and through preventative work around domestic violence, social isolation and health, we improve women’s chances in Brighton & Hove This results in lower costs to the country’s welfare system, and greater contributions by women to the local economy – as well as healthier and happier communities.