Accommodation Support Services in East and West Sussex

accomodationWith funding from SHORE and Sussex Community Foundation BWC has extended its proven and effective model of supporting women with multiple and complex needs in the Criminal Justice Service to working with women who are Homeless and insecurely housed.

BWC has developed a partnership in West Sussex with Worthing Churches Homeless Project (WCHP) and is delivering services through women only Drop-ins in Worthing and in  Littlehampton. We are working in partnership in East Sussex with Seaview in Hastings and cgl in Eastbourne.BWC has co-located Women’s Accommodation Support Workers (WASW)in both East and West Sussex.

The WASW’s bring expertise and experience in women centred solutions to both agencies ensuring that Homeless women in East and West Sussex can receive a bespoke, holistic , trauma informed response to the multiple issues they experience.  Although Homelessness amongst women is rising, women are still a minority in the Homeless community and most generic Homeless services do not take a gendered approach.  The opportunity for women specific services in both areas has created considerable added value for clients and agencies. The creation of women only Drop-In spaces in Worthing and Littlehampton has enabled more women access to WCHP Day Centres.  Increasing staff understanding and knowledge has enhanced the ability of all staff to respond more appropriately and effectively to women’s needs.  The success in Worthing enabled a roll-out of the model  into Littlehampton.

In Hastings,  Seaview outreach and community based staff have supported women to access the WASW, who in turn brings a rapid, responsive and flexible approach to supporting women.  The WASW supports women to secure  and  sustain accommodation.

WASW contact details:

East Sussex: Ruth Britsch: 07809 339704.

West Sussex: Jana Riley: 07463 248530.